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28 September - 1 October | Yoga & Tantra Retreat “Enjoy - Live - Be”

Experience the blissful state and enjoy life...

A few words from Yogi Narayana:

"The nature teaches us to live in harmony... "Presence" is recognized spontaneously... The retreat is not an escape from reality. On the contrary, it reveals the essence of everything, which is pure Love and Bliss"

The flow

The teachings begin before sunrise and flow through the day. We will experience yogic & tantric paths, satkarmas, thai massage, healing practices, thai massage sunset ceremonies…and much more. 

However, we will have free time to explore the majestic surroundings of the island 


The amazing Amorgos island

Amorgos is one of the most impressive Cycladic islands...marvellous beaches with azure waters, gorgeous caves ideal for diving, scenic bays and ancient footpaths leading through its steep rocky terrain…

The island is inhabited since the Early Cycladic Era (3200 B.C.), as indicated by archaeological finds brought to light. Amorgos has a long cultural history and tradition. Step off the beaten track and visit an island that has preserved its traditional colour, where the locals welcome you with a smile on their face and make you feel at home!



Our accommodation is located at beautiful Levrossos beach. Far away from the noise, we selected the ideal place for our Yoga & Tantra retreat. For our practise there is a new semi-open wooden yoga shala next to the beach. The slala is fully equipped with yoga mats and blocks.

Guests can also relax and make free use of the sunbeds while they enjoy the Cycladic sun and sea. Evenings are magical as well. The amazing sunsets are spreading its colours across the sky and the sea...

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The particiapnts will receive a commemorative certification. If you teach yoga and are registed with Yoga Alliance, you may send the certification to Yoga Alliance (30 hour Continuing Education).

The Teacher | Tassos Antonopoulos Nārāyaṇa

The spiritual journey started early in his life, though philosophy and meditation.

His first Teacher, Yogi Rabten, initiated him in Karma Yoga and the yogic way of living.
His Guru, Master Atma Nambi (Tamil Nadu, India), initiated him in Raja Yoga and deep aspects of the path. 
Next to Alessandro Ortona (Italy) he studied traditional Hatha Yoga.
Under the guidance of Yogi Himanshu Ji (Rishikesh, India) he experienced Bhakti Yoga.

He is a member of Yoga Alliance (E-RYT500). Living life to the fullest, beyond teaching the path on a daily basis, for a decade is leading retreats, and Yoga teacher trainings (200 & 300 hr).

The teachings are inspired by the Inner Teacher and are flowing according to the four traditional paths of Yoga: Raja, Karma, Jnana, Bhakti. Moreover, they use tools from the tradition of Hatha, Nada, Kundalini Tantra etc.

As a Kirtan leader he is contributing to the growth of spiritually though music. He has written many articles on spirituality including the book "mudra therapy".

He has established Karma Yoga, a traditional school where students adopt a yogic sadhana and are inspired to apply the essence of the teachings in everyday life.

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In order to read about the experiences of the students during trainings & retreats click here

Participation fees

590 €

In order to book your seat leave the 50% of the fees. The fees are not refundable. In case you cancel your reservation, you can use the fees to join other retreats, trainings or classes of the school

What is included:

✅ All sessions

✅ Personal Thai massage session

✅ Ηiking under the guidance of locals

✅ One month free in-person or online sessions after the retreat
✅ Accommodation in shared room with WC & free Wi-Fi

✅ Vegetetian / Vegan Brunch

✅ Certification

✅ Personal guidance and sadhana

Tickets and transportation are not included

- If you have any questions or if you wish to arrange a call click FORM OF INTEREST leaving your message and we will respond directly. You may also contact us directly though WhatsApp +30 6938440539

To book the retreat now click BOOK YOUR SEAT

peace & love

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