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          Student's Testimonials


Elli | Athens, Greece

2oo hour Yoga & Meditation Teacher Training

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It is a journey full of love and sincerity. A journey where you are asked to leave everything and surrender to the ocean’s depth. A journey to the Self, who is always here, but you have forgotten ..

A journey of reconnection with humans, birds, nature, your voice. I had the opportunity to share the journey with amazing people and cross the path with them. After the retreat, I experience constant changes, as if the old skin is peeling and a new one is being created ..

Changes from the way I live and manage the daily life up to the relationship with other people. Every minute of the day hides endless joy. The journey reminds you how to be a child again, how to get excited just with a small rock, how to touch with love, how to wash the dishes with a smile up to the ears, how to listen to the body and move on without fear.


Yes it is a dive into the unknown, yes, you are facing you, but why to be afraid? Trust! It’s just life. It's just love.


Theodoros| Ioannina, Greece

2oo hour Yoga & Meditation Teacher Training

300 hour Traditional Yoga Teacher Training

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Margarita| Aigina, Greece

2oo hour Yoga & Meditation Teacher Training

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Emmanouil | Kos, Greece

2oo hour Yoga & Meditation Teacher Training

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The journey of Self-knowledge gave me the tools so that I could maintain an awakened state of consciousness on a daily basis. Connecting with the group and the teacher's wisdom has been vital.


The process of sadhana was also important as it helps to strengthen the feeling of Presence. I attended the training entirety remotely, but this wasn’t an obstacle.


The teacher is a wonderful person and I am deeply grateful to him.  So much kindness and love he offered. For the seeker who is looking to experience the Truth, the school through meditation, techniques and rich pedagogical material creates a profound change that can change everyone's life.



Joyce | Manchester, UK

2oo hour Yoga & Meditation Teacher Training

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I chose this training, after extensive research, due to the fact that it is training in traditional yoga.

Upon browsing the internet, there were endless 2/3 week intensive vinyasa courses in the form of luxury retreats. This was not for me. I wanted to learn over time, gradually assimilating knowledge and wisdom and truly beginning to understand the

philosophy and meaning of hatha yoga; as well as having the time to learn and practice the different purification techniques, not just the asanas!

Tassos and I met every week over Zoom. Our meetings were special and deep. I not only learnt a lot about the art of studentship, but also so much about how to view life and self in the yogic tradition and what a huge impact this can

have on one’s life as well as the lives of those around us. Awareness and wisdom were transmuted very naturally, I felt, through Tassos’s words and presence.

Throughout the course, there were also many self-practice materials – books, tutorials, videos – which made in possible to learn at my own pace, which fitted in well with my work and life schedule.

In September, I attended a 5 day retreat in Greece as part of the training. This taught me many things. It was wonderful to practice as part of a community; there were 15 of us, and we got to know each other, questioned discussed and were also able to give each other energy while being silent together while practicing.  This leads me to another thing I learnt – how to be silent with others, which was beautiful. The discipline to get up v early (with no coffee or food!) and start the day’s sadhana was hard for me and I feel proud I was able to do this. We also had so much wonderful practice together, including deep meditation, pranayama, asana, kirtan (I loved this and am seeking them out in my local area!), Thai massage and meditative dance. Tassos led the retreat with a calm and grace that was contagious and a teaching in itself.

Thank you for bringing this part of my self and my life to the forefront and for the incredible transformative potential that has begun for me as a result.



Alkistis | Enfield, UK

2oo hour Yoga & Meditation Teacher Training

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The teaching and philosophy of the self-knowledge journey helped me to be in Presence as much as possible.


Regarding the pedagogical context it offered me a completely different view on things I had never imagined.


The connection with our teacher was a gift of calmness and the connection with my team offered moments of absolute connection with the Whole.


Tassos did the best he could and was as contagious as possible in regarding the online training. I experienced both in-person & online training, I have to say that the school’s garden and the place in general is a paradise of positive energy, joy and Presence!

It was all welcoming and peaceful! I am grateful!


Sevastiana | Nicosia, Cyprus

2oo hour Yoga & Meditation Teacher Training

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I am not good when it comes to express my experience in words.

All I can say is that I am grateful that I chose this training.

It was the void I had been missing for so many years, and it pointed me how I found myself way back into this life and experience this wonderful path.


Polina | Thessaloniki, Greece

2oo hour Yoga & Meditation Teacher Training

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From this training I did not get what I expected but what I expected was this training. Thanks you!


Mariza | Athens, Greece

2oo hour Yoga & Meditation Teacher Training

300 hour Traditional Yoga Teacher Training

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The studies opened the way for the journey and gave me tools to do it properly.


Regarding the technical & pedagogical context I was transformed from a caterpillar into a butterfly and all this due to my teacher.


The connection with the team is really very strong. You share so many unique things that I think will never be forgotten.

What to say about the retreat… I said most of it during the sharing session on the last day. In short, it changed my life.

My life has changed in many areas due to the studies. Many “bells” ring now when I get out of the path.

The training was also fine and when I participated online.


Rafaela | Kozani, Greece

2oo hour Yoga & Meditation Teacher Training

300 hour Traditional Yoga Teacher Training

Only text available

Starting the 200h studies I felt a wave of change. Love and Presence were all around.

You learn a natural and harmonious way of life and also how to cure diseases on every level through asana, pranayama and meditation.

Through asanas I cured problems I had with my period.

Through the art of pure observation my depression vanished.

Moreover, through the practice of body stability I learned how to calm down during a panic attack.

During the 300h Traditional Yoga Teacher Training a bigger changes occurred.


Now I have complete knowledge of what you can achieve through yoga. Technically you learn how to guide demanding classes and ways to deepen your practice on a personal level. The daily sadhana helps a lot. Without sadhana is not possible to teach anything deeply, because there is no personal experience

As far as the teacher is concerned, he is always a calm and smiling person.


It inspires and guides you not only with what it says and teaches but also with his life as an example. I could not ask for a better teacher, who is always supporting the students with love and generous patience.


With lots of love ……

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Elena | Kalamata, Greece

2oo hour Yoga & Meditation Teacher Training

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I am deeply grateful for my studentship at this school, with a teacher who has such strong energy, that he radiates it even with his silence.

Knowledge is shared generously, it is very nicely structured, it is eloquent and it is expressed with a feeling of acceptance and encouragement.


I felt connected with the other students even though I attended the classes remotely, there is a feeling of love.