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Becoming a sādhaka

  1. Dedicate time exploring the path with patience and determination.

  2. Humbleness and modesty. Talk about yourself only when that is necessary.                                                          To reveal the Self, set the ego aside.

  3. Honour your teachers and all those who walked in the path before you.                                                It helps to lift your spirits high.

  4. Intention for a 24/7 remembrance of the Self.

  5. Acceptance of the teachings offered to you every minute of your life.

  6. Listen through your heart and not your mind.

  7. To allow space for learning, one must first unlearn.

  8. Spiritual thirst.

  9. Esotericquestionscancauseuneaseandimpatience. Instead of asking your teachers about their own experience, wait and the answers will be revealed to you when the time is right.

  10. Implement the yamas&niyamas of Patanjali and release unnecessary thoughts and negative emotions.


Om prem
Tassos Antonopoulos Narayana

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