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Intensive 200 hour Yoga & Meditation Teacher Training  Retreat in Greece PELION

The Philosophy

The traditional yoga teacher training is based on a 12 days intensive semi-silent retreat in Greece. Moreover, there are post-retreat session (online or in-person in Athens, Greece). The studies are for those who are Self-knowledge oriented. It's a wonderful and challenging journey for those who are seeking authentic yogic knowledge, a life changing experience. The students are also supported with lifetime mentoring.

The schedule

✅ 10-21 September | Traditional Yoga semi-silent Retreat in Pelion mountain, Greece

The teachings during the retreat are intensive. They start before sunrise and end around 21:00. However, there will be free time to explore the majestic surroundings and the beautiful nearby beaches.

✅ 26 September - 28 November | online or/and in-person, there will be sessions every Thursday 16:30 - 18:30 GMT (19:30 - 21:30 Greek time). Students may participate in these sessions synchronous or asynchronous (video recorded)

✅ There is also helpful educational pre-recorded material uploaded on our platform


✅ Personal sessions with the Teacher if needed​​​

Retreat at the sacread mountain

Our retreat takes place in wonderland...

Pelion mountain is located in central Greece

According to Greek mythology the Olympian Gods rightfully made Pelion their summer retreat place


Pelion is not just a majestic mountain. It’s a spiritual, sacred place since ancient times.The Olympian Gods rightfully made Pelion their summer retreat. Homeland to the wise Centaur Chiron and to Asclepius, Pelion with its thousand species of herbs and medicinal plants, springs, and caves was a place of enlightenment, inspiration and healing. In the 11th century AD, the spiritual power of the mountain attracted Christian hermits seeking isolation and peace. Today, visitors feel the spirituality all over the mountain. They have the oportunity to visit the old monasteries, collect their own herbs, explore the caves of the Centaurs, go horseback riding, and immerse themselves in the primeval forest.

Majestic Scenery

There is something majestic about the Pelion scenery. Much of its appeal is due to its sheer variety. Visitors can find anything from thick oak forests to vast olive groves some of which on fields so steep it makes you wonder how the owners harvest the olives when the time comes each year. Long, deep gorges emerging from rocky barren landscapes ultimately find their way to the sea. There are several beautiful mountains in Greece, but only one mountain is surrounded by the sea in such a special way. A tranquil and calm bay on one side, a rough and choppy sea on the other. The exotic beaches around the mountain are simply amazing. Whatever season you visit Pelion, you will be amazed by its beauty...

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'Archodiko Michael' is a traditional eco-friendly apart hotel renovated by a Yoga Teacher. It takes you back to the 19th century. As soon as you cross its wooden bridge, you enter another era. It provides comfort, quality accommodation and serenity. All rooms have bathroom, fully equipped kitchen and Wi-Fi.


Philosophy of the training

Short message from the Teacher: "A sādhaka (yoga student) is a person who has the intention to experience life though the Self. As a result, purification happens and the True nature, unconditional Love is revealed."

The studies are based on the following pillars:

✅ Yogic tradition

The teachings are revived from ancient, classical and selected modern scriptures. Educational material is provided and the students acquire all necessary tools for their own spiritual development.

✅ Know Thyself

The ultimate Knowledge is the Self. As a result of this realization, life is spontaneous. The person lives as Presence and not as a limited individual.

✅ The Art of Teaching

Although it's not the intention of all students to teach, experience shows that leaning though teaching can be used as another tool for spiritual development. It includes planning, analysis, observation and extensive practice. As a result students will be capable to teach with comfort and self-confidence.

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Eligibility & Suitability


Yoga is a precious gift to humanity. People of all temperaments, “levels”, fitness and ability are welcomed to join the training. People with "disabilities" are also welcome. At whatever stage you are on your journey, this teacher training will bring new levels of knowledge and self-understanding. The studies will be a wonderful journey for those who are seeking authentic yogic knowledge. At the same moment it will be challenging. Prepare yourself to reconsider your point of view regarding the path of Yoga, as you go deeper and deeper.



Upon completion you will receive a 200 hour Yoga & Meditation Teacher Training Certificate, recognized by Yoga Alliance (RYT 200). Karma Yoga (Yoga Alliance Registration No 169851) is registered with Yoga Alliance as a Registered Yoga School. This certificate can be used to register with Yoga Alliance for RYT-200 accreditation.


The Teacher | Tassos Antonopoulos Nārāyaṇa

The spiritual journey started early in his life, though philosophy and meditation.

His first Yoga teacher, Yogi Rabten, initiated him in Karma Yoga and the yogic way of living.
His Guru, Master Atma Nambi (Tamil Nadu, India), initiated him into Raja Yoga and deep aspects of the path. 
Next to Alessandro Ortona (Italy) he studied traditional Hatha Yoga.
Under the guidance of Yogi Himanshu Ji (Rishikesh, India) he experienced Bhakti Yoga.

He is a member of
Yoga Alliance (E-RYT500). Living life to the fullest, beyond teaching the path on a daily basis, for a decade he has been leading seminars, retreats, and Yoga teacher trainings (200 & 300 hr).

The teachings are inspired by the Inner Teacher. The teachings are according to the four traditional paths of Yoga: Raja, Karma, Jnana, Bhakti and tantric paths like Hatha, Nada, Kundalini Tantra etc.

As a Kirtan leader he is contributing to the growth of spiritually though music. He has written articles on spirituality including the book "mudra therapy".

He has established the Karma Yoga school, where students adopt a yogic sadhana and are inspired to apply the essence of the teachings in everyday life.

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Take a small taste of the experience of the students during the training by clicking here

Participation fees

✅ 1450 € (for limited seats only )

What is included:

✅ All sessions

✅ Accommodation in shared room with bathroom, fully equipped kitchen and Wi-Fi

✅ Μeals and drinks

✅ Certifications

✅ Lifetime post-graduation support and unlimited free classes

✅ Free participation in future 200 hour teacher trainings 


Transportation is not included

If you have any questions or if you wish to arrange a call click FORM OF INTEREST leaving your message and we will respond directly. You may also contact us directly though WhatsApp +30 6938440539

To book the training now click BOOK YOUR SEAT

peace & love

om prem

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