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Tassos Antonopoulos Narayana is born in Athens, Greece, the birthplace of philosophy.
The spiritual journey started early in his life, though philosophy and meditation.
He studied several arts and sciences :
Music art (instruments & composition)
Computer Technology & Software

His first Yoga teacher, Yogi Rabten, initiated him into Karma Yoga and the yogic way of living.
His Guru, Master Atma Nambi (Tamil Nadu, India), initiated him into Raja Yoga and deep aspects of the path. 

His holistic teachings combine the four paths of Yoga: Raja, Karma, Jnana and Bhakti, inspiring people to expand their level of consciousness and reveal their inner beauty.
As a Kirtan musician he is contributing to the growth of spiritually though music.  He has written many articles on spirituality and yoga including the book "mudra therapy".
He leads traditional Yoga & Meditation Teacher Trainings and seminars on various aspects of the path worldwide.
He is member of Yoga Alliance (E-RYT500) and has established Karma Yoga school, a traditional school where students adopt a yogic sadhana and are inspiredto apply the teachings in everyday life.