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Let the beauty of what you love be what you do


Karma Yoga family 

Karma Yoga (Yoga Alliance Reg No 169851) is a traditional school of Yoga, where students are trained in the most authentic way with the highest standards.

​The school is blessed by the enlightened Master Atma Nambi (Tamil Nadu, India).

Yoga Teacher training poster TTC 200 300 YOGA NIDRA BHAKTI Karma

Yoga is a precious gift to humanity and our mission is to widespread the path with the intention to live a life full of love and gratitude.

Training yoga and meditation teachers raises the awareness of local and global communities, leading to a better world.

Let Love be your Mantra

Guruji AtmaNambi

tassos antonopoulos narayana Teacher training 200 300 TTC Traditional School

The Founder

Yogi Narayana (Tassos Antonopoulos), is born in Athens, Greece, the birthplace of philosophy.

The spiritual journey started early in his life, though philosophy and meditation. His first teacher, Yogi Rabten, initiated him into Karma Yoga and the yogic way of living.

His Guru, Master Atma Nambi (Tamil Nadu, India), initiated him into Raja Yoga and deep aspects of the path.
His holistic teachings which combine the four traditional paths of Yoga with Tantra, inspire people to expand their level of consciousness and reveal their inner beauty. As a Kirtan musician he is contributing to the growth of spiritually though music.

He leads traditional Yoga Teacher Trainings worldwide.

yoga teacher training student


This school has the highest standards, and that makes the difference. 

dionisis makris yoga


The expectation evaporates...
Only now...
Only earth and salt...
Light within light...

verouli elisabeth kirtan

Damaruki Devi

The most important thing is the bright presence of the teacher. This presence touched me deeply, as it did 7 years ago when I first met him. 

yoga student μαθητης γιογκα


My sadhana was establised at a daily basis. I felt my body and spirit awaken

εκπαιδευση δασκαλων γιογκα


It was really wonderful. I loved the philosophy and all the scientific depth of yoga during the training. It was full of love and kindness.

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