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Nanda Kumara Das in Greece

"The Journey of Bhakti"
Open Satsang & Kirtan

in person & online

We have the honor to have after a long time Nanda Kumara Das with us. 

Some words from Nanda:

"The Journey of Bhakti. Love that withstands the test of time 
In this satsanga, we will share from the ancient sanskrit text Brhad Bhagavatamrta by Sanatana Goswami. It recounts the story of Gopa Kumara, a simple cowherd boy who set out on a journey to find the Lord of his heart. In the course of his travels, he was able to visit different realms of existence; nevertheless, he couldn’t find satisfaction. His journey takes us to the heart of bhakti, offering us essential lessons for our own spiritual practice."

There will be also Kirtan with the support of Tassos Antonopoulos Narayana

The event will be held in English, but there will be translation in Greek if needed

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